In Norway the light is incredible.



' Fra Farmor's Soverom' (From Grandmother's Bed Chamber) Oil on Canvas 65cm x 81cm.
' Vinterlys Kjørbo Gård' (Winter Light Kjørbo Farm) Oil on Canvas 82cm x 100cm. Based on a photograph by the very talented photographer Jan-Erik Kjøland. For details, click the painting.
'Swans at Kadett Tangen' (Study) Oil on Canvas 30cm x 23cm
Plahte Bay in Winter. Oil on Canvas. 36" x 48".

I went to a large family get together and spent the night sleeping in a boat house at Tjome Island at my auntie Riri's house (the other beds were lucky was that!)  Below is the view from the boathouse door at 4.3o pm, Almost midnight, 3 am and at 6 am (when my sister was enjoying her coffee on the 'brygge' (pier).  The light was mesmerizing and I found it impossible to sleep, getting up every hour or so to marvel at the light.




At 4.30 pm. Oil on Canvas 50cm x 60cm
Almost Midnight. Oil on Canvas 46cm x 55cm
At 3 am. Oil on Canvas 50cm x 60cm.
At 6 am. Oil on Canvas 50cm x 60cm.
'View from the Balcony of Michelets Road at 10pm (Study)', Oil on Canvas 40cm x 30cm
Vollen, Asker. Oil on Canvas. 20" x 24"
Old Buildings at Veritas (Bærum, Norway). Oil on Canvas. 12" x 16"
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