I have found diptychs to be a great format for the seascapes and coastlines.  The interest area is where the sea meets the land, and to get as much as possible of that part, you want a painting that is wider than the standard canvas.  Also, they are easier to pack than a single canvas of the same size.  All the diptychs (except for when stated differently) are made from two canvases each measuring 24" x 30".  Here are a few.

St Lawrence Bay Diptych.
Pebble Beach Diptych (early morning...).
Carlisle Bay Evening Diptych.
Fishing Boat at Paynes Bay.
Sundown at the Aquatic Club Pier Diptych.
Carlisle Bay August Diptych.

I won the Carmichael Prize for 'Best Painting by an Established Artist' for Carlisle Bay August Diptych in 2012. 

Oistins Bay Diptych.
Carlisle Bay February Diptych..
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