How I Work

Bay Horse Morning Study. Oil on Canvas. 12" x 10".

I generally start with a a number of observations and an oil sketch.   I work from photographs while in Barbados  because the 'sweet spot' in the light is so short, dusk and dawn are gone in minutes, when the light is soft and the colours are at their most vibrant. In Norway I can work from life because the light changes are so much slower and the midday light is less harsh.  The sketch will be on a small canvas, 10" x 12" works well.

Bay Horse Morning. Oil on Canvas. 30" x 24".

...And above is the final painting in a bigger size...






Boats at Port Ferdinand Study. Oil on Canvas. 12" x 10".
Boats at Port Ferdinand. 48" x 36".

Oil paints are so forgiving.  Sometimes paintings don't work out, and I end up painting over them.  I find having something underneath gives something special to the final piece.

Kirsten Dear

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